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The last date for admission is 31th August, 2024. Subject to further notification.

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University of Mumbai
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Steps of admission

Our Top BachelorCourses

The huge varities of courses provided by the Mumbai University, allows you to make your career faster and guaranteed.

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by many universities throughout the world. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations.

Management studies programmes provide students with a solid foundation in organizational behavior and human resource management while electives in labor-management relations, negotiation, conflict resolution, compensation systems and organizational development allow students to develop deeper knowledge in specific areas of interest.

Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business (see aside). Most universities, therefore, plan the degree such that in addition to their major, students are exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accounting, finance, business management, human resources, marketing, and economics; some programs also require (business) statistics, (introductory) calculus and information systems.

Bachelor of Science

As its name suggests, a Bachelor of Science degree focuses on science and technical-based subjects. The Science Faculty's undergraduate curriculum is organised according to key disciplines, namely Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, and Environmental Sciences. Various degree programmes combine aspects of biology, ecology, geography, chemistry, technology and social science, as well as modern physics, applied mathematics and natural sciences.

Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor of Technology degree is a professional engineering undergraduate degree awarded after completion of four years of academic study in engineering field. It is offered in many disciplines . application-oriented and problem solving, and analytical skills in candidates.

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is the 4 year full-time undergraduate course leading to the engineering degree. The duration of undergraduate engineering course varies from country to country. Many colleges/Universities of India offers B.Tech programme in various disciplines.

Bachelor of Mass Media

Bachelor's programs in mass media generally cover the functions of different forms of media, various roles of people involved in the media and media's effect on individuals, societal values, culture, economics and politics. Students may be trained to consider ethical responsibilities, media regulations, cultural sensitivity, history and the targeted audience in their work.

Mass media bachelor's programs often cover print and Web media formatting, pagination, photo illustration, marketing strategies and media criticism. In order to complete the program, students often must often furnish a portfolio, develop a unique media project or complete an internship.

Acturial Finance

Actuarial and Quantitative Finance is a dynamic program that facilitates one to learn and know-how the BFSI industry operates at an early stage of his/her career.

The programme offers individuals (even from non-finance backgrounds), an inimitable opportunity to gain a comprehensive foundation and ensuing depth in the field of BFSI. This in-depth knowledge matches the requirements of finance industry in terms of domain expertise.

Data Science

Data science is a multidisciplinary field whose goal is to extract value from data in all its forms. As the world entered the era of big data, the need for its storage also grew. Now when Hadoop and other frameworks have successfully solved the problem of storage, the focus has shifted to the processing of this data. Data Science is the secret sauce here. All the ideas which you see in Hollywood sci-fi movies can actually turn into reality by Data Science.

It is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data. This bachelor degree will give the basic tool to understand and navigate this world.

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Following are the popular colleges of Mumbai.
These colleges are famous for their education quality as well as the extra curricular activities.

Easy Payments

We understand the necessity of education in your life. That's why we prepared the best payment plans for you.

  • Eligibility



    • [INR 4300.00]
      (inclusive of bank charges, fees & taxes)
    • This is the fee paid to evaluate eligibility for a particular course based on your transcripts. This fee is to be paid for each course thatstudent applies to.
    • Eligibility Fees are non refundable
  • Application



    • [INR 98906.00]
      (inclusive of bank charges, fees & taxes)
    • This is a one time fee paid for processing your
      application & for allocation of college based on
      your preference list & colleges' merit requirements.
    • Application Fees are non refundable
  • Course



    • This is the tuition fee paid to the college
      for 1st year of education
      (including 1st & 2nd semester)
    • This fee may vary from course to course
      and college to college.
    • .


from across the globe forming the Country Ambassador Committee are friendly and approachable. You can contact them from the peers available section.

  • "Hi! My name is Aadarsh Prajapati. I belongs to Nepal and I am currently pursuing BA in Film TV and New Media Production at Atharva College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Mumbai University It's great to be finally here. I have a strong interest in the Film Direction. I decided to join Mumbai University because I want to leverage my skills and knowledge. College teachers are cooperative and helping me in every aspect of my career. I am thankful to the NRI department of Mumbai University that helps me in the entire admissions process. ”

    Aadarsh Prajapati, Nepal

  • "I am Cynora Barretto, your Country Ambassador for the UAE. I have studied in Dubai for 15 years and am a high school graduate from The Indian High School. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies course at SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce. My admission experience at UOM was very smooth. Though the admission got a bit delayed due to the pandemic, the UOM admission portal was very comprehensible and easy to follow as it guides you at every step till the very end of your admission process. I was very well assisted and even received clarification over the phone whenever I faced any glitch. Moreover, the rules for NRI/foreign students are very well explained and detailed in their annexure as well. ”

    Cynora Barretto, UAE

  • "My name is Dhurba Kumal from Nepal now pursuing BSc from kohinoor college of hospitality and tourism management studies . ”

    Dhurba Kumal , Nepal

  • "Hello, my name is Kashish Panwala. I have been born and brought up in Muscat and after my 12th grade I shifted to Mumbai to continue with my further studies. My hobby is playing basketball. I would describe myself as short and sweet. I am currently an undergraduate student at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai pursuing the course of BMS batch 2021-22. Being an NRI, I had to apply through Mumbai University for admission in St Xavier’s College. The Mumbai University throughout was very helpful and coordinating. They immediately responded to our queries and made the admission process very easy and quick. ”

    Kashish Panwala, OMAN

  • "Hello! I'm Krishma Kunwar from Nepal. I'm pursuing my BMS degree from Nagindas Khandwala college.The learning experience I'm getting here really have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time, and it has gone by so fast. I am still discovering all the opportunities that university offers me. ”

    Krishma Kunwar , Nepal

  • "Currently studying in SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce ”

    Mahir, Saudi Arabia

  • "My name is Nikita Kishan Whabi and I'm studying BSc Biotechnology in RD National college. I was born and brought up in Bahrain but I'm an Indian citizen. It is pretty easy to get admission in University of Mumbai and I'm sure one won't regret studying over here.”

    Nikita Kishan Whabi, BAHRAIN

  • "Hello Everyone, My name is Sushant Bartaula, im from Nepal. Im passionate about sports. Im pursing my bachelor degree in sports management in International Institute of sports Management, which is affiliated by University of Mumbai. The college is very interactive and i got to experience professional behavior as well as got many chances to gain practical knowledge . The staff of Mumbai University were so helpful that we could reach out to them anytime if we got any queries. Im glad to be a part of University Of Mumbai”

    Sushant Bartaula, Nepal

  • "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to describe myself. I would describe myself as a passionate person and I think I am very flexible and resourceful person. I’m very communicative, detail oriented. I have had a great experience in my college . I love all of my professors. The courses fit with my career and goals. I would definitely recommend this beautiful university to all of my friends in BD and around the world I decided to attend MU for several reasons. One of them is because I knew that MU was among the best colleges of business in the India. I would also be able to study with students coming from different cultures and backgrounds. Another reason is that india city is continuously growing which will open many opportunities for me in the future. ”

    Tasin Biswa, Bangladesh

  • "Hi, my name is Tejshree Karki. I’m 19 years old. I’m from nepal. I’m currently studying in MKS college.Apart from college, I’m learning one of the eighth major forms of Indian classical dance, kathak as well as gymnastics and urdu. My experience as a foreign international student with Mumbai university has been very smooth. Everyone is very helpful and cooperative”

    Tejshree Karki, Nepal

  • ""Hello, My name is Valenie. I'm from Oman and currently studying in NKC college, Mumbai. I spend most of my leisure time in singing and art. My experience in Mumbai University was a bit hectic at first due to the pandemic but their online service & query response was quite good ”

    Valenie, Oman

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